How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!

Nothing like a good ice breaker to break down the awkward barriers and to get a group of people associated with each other. If you're ever with a group of new people such as a youth group or a team project with different departments at your organization, try one of these team building ice breaker games to create a friendly and comfortable team atmosphere.

Ice breakers are also a great way to get small and/or large cliques of people to get along with each other. The best part is, ice breakers aren't limited to just one age group of people. These team building games are suitable for all age groups and can be done with very little props. Make sure, as a host, to stay enthusiastic and try to get everyone in the group involved. Remember, these ice breakers are also meant to help people develop social interaction abilities and get to become part of a group.

Do not stay on your ice breakers for too long. Try to keep your ice breakers to under an hour. If you start to see the game or activity isn't going as well as planned, move on to the next one. Enjoy!

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